Aging Rate and Hormonal Levels: Ways to Orgazmin

With aging you start seeing many of your physical difference of your body. One of the striking differences you see is in the elasticity of skin as it starts becoming loose. All this generally begins after the age of forty-five and this is result of degradation of the connective tissues. The underlying tissues involve collagen and elastic. When this loose in skin happens, you start having wrinkles and loose skins around the jaw lines and neck area. There is special test that you need to follow to look at looseness of your elasticity. You can do this by pinching your skin of your hand between your thumb and also forefinger and let it be like this for 5 seconds, or using Orgazmin. Count the total time required when it is flattened. If you record it, you will find that between forty five to fifty ages, the time is five seconds, for sixty years it goes to ten to fifteen seconds. However, this varies for every age group so you should not take it very seriously.

Another test is failing ruler test, which is a test for reaction time and it falls off sharply as time passes. To start with this test, you need an eighteen inch ruler and that too wooden. You should ask someone to hold the ruler between finger and that too from top. Keep your thumb and middle finger at least, three inches apart, which should be further eighteen inches
from the ruler.

Now the person who is holding the ruler should let it go off suddenly and let you catch the ruler as soon as possible. Repeat this for 4 times and count your score. You can calculate this by say, you had three catch in first, then six and then six then total count would be three plus six plus six and the whole is divided by 4 which equals to five, hence the total count is five.

Second is the static balance test, which is considered the best method if you are one who follows that you should follow the test by yourself. Normally this test is declined if you range between ages of twenty to eighty Orgazmin. Let us know the method of conducting this test. You have to stand straight with both feet together on a hard surface. You can wear shoe also but that should be low heeled hqpeniso. Ask one of your friends to look for the result like as if you fall over. Now, lift one of your legs by closing your eyes and try to bend your knee at forty-five degree. Now try this with other leg. Ask your friend what is the maximum time limit for which you could stand on one leg. A young person can be in same position for around thirty seconds while old person cannot get over this limit as he can fall over in only few seconds. Now, keep on checking this with different age groups Orgazmin.

Following these methods of diagnosing aging level or hormonal level surely helps you to know how much old you have really grown.