An Insiders Guide to Mexican Desserts For Everyone

Mexican desserts are rather overlooked in comparison to their better known main dish counterparts. The desserts, however, deserve to be in the spotlight. These desserts use simple recipes to make amazing confections that you will fall in love with at first bite.

Mexican desserts are prepared in a variety of ways. One of the more interesting desserts you will find is crema frita. This is a thick slab of custard that is rolled in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before being deep fried. It is served up with a generous portion of honey. You may want to try some fried ice cream as well. This delectable dessert is made with a ball of ice cream that is rolled in a crunchy coating and fried. These two will knock your socks off!

For a dessert that literally melts in your mouth, try Mexican wedding cookies. They are a true delight. For something your family will never forget, try tres leches cake. This recipe calls for three types of milk (tres leches) to create a cake that is moist, rich, and utterly amazing. While it is rich enough to stand on its own with no frosting, it is traditionally served with a topping of meringue and strawberries. You can also please your kids with empanadas stuffed with fruit or chocolate. Serve them up with a dollop of ice cream for a nice treat.

A unique dessert is atole de fresa. This is a strawberry soup. It has the flavors of cinnamon and mint to make the strawberries even more refreshing. Mexican desserts offer you an amazing variety of treats from which to choose. Flan is one of the most well known Mexican desserts. This creamy custard is covered with a layer of caramel. Different flavors are also made, such as coffee, cinnamon apple and orange.

Many Mexican desserts are creamy in nature. These creamy dairy-based desserts help cool the mouth after a spicy meal. The creamy texture also feels wonderful in the mouth while you are eating. Ice cream, flan, and many other desserts offer this creamy respite after your meal.

Mexican desserts are known for their simple ingredients like chocolate, nuts, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg. To boost your dessert up a notch, mix in a little chile powder. Chocolate and chilies actually pair up very well together. If you have not tried this unusual combination, you really must. Once you try it, you will fall in love with this amazing combination. Practice a few recipes to add to your dessert repertoire.

There are lots of easy dessert recipes Mexican cooks love to make. By finding a few of these recipes you will be able to make them for your friends and family as well. You will be amazed at how delicious these simple recipes can be. Always be sure to use fresh ingredients and do not skimp on quality when you use chocolate. Most Mexican desserts have not been compromised like some of their main dishes. You will find that Mexican desserts retain the authentic flavors that are still enjoyed every day in Mexico.

The ingredients to needed to cook authentic Mexican cuisine are getting easier to find all the time. Be brave and take a culinary adventure in the realm of Mexican desserts. Your family will love all the new sweets they get to try.