Colon Cleansing Necessity

Word directly to the point, colon cleansing is not required for the body to keep clean. Why should we be using any colon cleansing products or any herbs that cleans colons? Do you people have actually any idea about this? No? You do not even know what would happen if we do not cleanse our colons ourselves? For what do you cleanse your colons?

It is pointed out that colons, for the reason that last section of the digestive system, contains almost to a hundred percent of unnecessary material, as accordingly it is removed from the body in just a while later, as shit. And the delay is actually caused to drain the water in it. Not drain anything useful for the entire body along. So, some people claim that colons do fail to remove all of the excrements it contains in advance of its removal. This is why they point out that manual cleansing of the colons should be done regularly. Otherwise, as the colons narrow down, it will become harder to excrete and even that if some particular excrement left in the colons for some time, it’s going to bring about infections. These infections can both be obvious or not, like for example it can make a person nervous or strained way easier, or maybe unnecessarily excitable and such. The obvious infections it might cause is that people might have extremely hard time when excreting, or that malicious bacteria might start living in the colons, resulting possibly in cancer or any sorts of diseases and much more.

However, does this not look stupid? Well, think of it, if there were to happen this much of excrete pillage over such short periods, people could actually have their whole colon way blocked. This might, most probably resulting in quick and sudden deaths. The body itself is made that way to remove all the excrements that are in the colons. And these excrements are not all unnecessary anyway! There are some bacteria living in our colons which actually synthesise their own life energy from our excrement, and we are supplied with their own excrements, which are beneficial for us. This, forms cooperative living style which is quite good for all living creatures. So if there were any excrement left in our colons, that would feed our beneficial bacteria, and they would feed us. Even such thing is impossible; it might still not be a problem if it were so.

Furthermore, why does not anyone think of those who live those long years without the need of cleansed their colons even once? Were our fathers, grandfathers and forefathers or any other anchestors cleansing their colons? How come Richard John Moore Tailor managed to live 119 years, without having his colons cleansed even once? People must really think first before believing what everyone says. At the very least they ought to think of it historically and see to it that if there have ever been any necessity for colon cleansing or such things before.