Five reasons to become a CPC Certified

Five reasons to become a CPC Certified

Reason #1:  Better Pay

During these harsh times, every penny counts.  A recent 2008 AAPC Salary Survey revealed that Certified Professional Coders (CPC®) earn an average of 15% more than their non-certified counterparts.  The average annual wage for a credentialed coder is $43,100, compared to $36,500 for a non-credentialed coder.  Just imagine all the things that you could do with the extra money. 

Reason #2:  Job Security

50% of survey respondents said that Certification was required for employment at their current positions (up from 42% in 2007).  Secure your future by taking action today.  Acquiring your CPC certification can not only bring you added income and credibility, it will also give you peace of mind.

Reason #3:  Employment Opportunities

41% of coding positions are closed to non-certified coders. A recent search of revealed 310 available medical coding positions out of which 128 required certification.  Without a CPC® certification, you could be limiting your employment opportunities.

Reason #4:  Stay Competitive

Did you know that out of all coders in your region, over 80% of them are CPC® Certified?  Make sure you’re not missing the boat.  Join the growing number of coding professionals who are securing their success and enjoying the benefits a CPC® certification has to offer. 

Reason #5:  Be Happier

As a certified coder, you have nothing to lose – and so much to gain. Be a part of the growing community of certified coding professionals and enjoy a more stable and prosperous career.      

How can you become CPC® Certified?  Join us at Coding Cert’s 3-day CPC® Training Camps, and in just 3 days of intensive preparation, an AAPC certified instructor will deliver everything you need to know to successfully pass the AAPC’s CPC® Exam.  It’s that simple.

3 days are all you need to prepare for the certification that can change your life.  Plus, CPC Training Camps have been scheduled all over the nation, which means less time away from the office and major savings on travel costs for you and your practice.