Let us help you make the most out of your Flavia drinks vending machines

Let us help you make the most out of your Flavia drinks vending machines

We at KSV have been recommended as a Flavia Platinum Distributor and as such we can supply you with the whole range of Flavia drinks machines, including the recently-launched Flavia Creation 400. As you think of doing business with us you should rest assured that our distribution status guarantees you of superior levels of support and service. Deciding to use machines from the Flavia range of vending machines means you can choose from hot drinks systems suitable for making a wide range of drinks including fresh brew coffee, hot chocolate, real leaf teas, latte and cappuccino. These systems will spare the usual agonies of the trade in terms of lost time, disgusting messes, and of course, loss of money.

Flavia is a brand name that denotes a range of drinks systems that are made by Mars Drinks. These drinks systems are renowned for their visually attractive designs and compactness, and for their reliability in as far as the dispensing of fantastic drinks is concerned. We at KSV are an appointed distributor for these systems. The facts speak loudest in clarifying why these systems are a firm market favorite. Over 30000 businesses in the UK use Flavia systems and to date over 3 billion Flavia drinks have been refreshingly enjoyed around the world.

In addition to coffee machines, the Flavia product line also comprises of an entire range of refreshing drink possibilities including such drinks as hot chocolate, latte, espresso, cappuccino etc. By choosing the Flavia brand you are in effect choosing quality drink brands and reliable vending equipment. Some of the more common variations of vending machines include the pay-pods and the base cabinets.

The new Flavia Creation 400 is designed to be compact yet stylish. This addition to an already impressive lineup is an ideal vending machine that will cater adeptly to your staff or your customers. Built as a tabletop machine, the Flavia Creation 400 can be conveniently placed in different areas of the workplace regardless of the number of people who’ll require using it. It packs enough power to serve as many as 50 people and even when this number falls to as few as five you still get to enjoy lots of cost effectiveness.

With all these qualities in mind you will find that using this vending machine in your reception area, trading floor, main office or meeting room is just as convenient. All that the people in need of refreshments will be required to do is pushing a button. To add flexibility to the convenience you can opt to invest in the optional coin-operated model and base cabinet. We understand all the apprehensiveness that comes with using a new machine model and just to quell your fears and concerns we commit to a customer service package that includes a five-year parts and labour warranty. You can also opt to rent this vending machine model at the affordable monthly rate of £6.95/week. Whether you decide to rent or purchase this vending machine we are ready to provide you with a starter pack worth £100 absolutely free as part of our special offers package.

At KSV, the most recent introduction to this globally popular brand name of vending machines is the Flavia Creation 400. This new stylish and efficient drinks system is now available and as an introductory incentive you stand to enjoy an attractive special offer when you hire or purchase it.