Pizza Fundraisers Pay Off for Booster Clubs Teams and Charities

Pizza Fundraisers Pay Off for Booster Clubs Teams and Charities

“Let’s order pizza tonight?” sounds like a good idea doesn’t it, especially when you know that this decision is going to pay off well for a local school booster club, sports team, religious group or other charity. It is even better when you are saving the family ordering the pizza money on their purchase.

There are many types of fundraisers available to groups in need of raising money. Food items, gift wrap, magazine subscriptions and spirit wear. The best fundraising products are those which offer program donors discounts on something that they use in their everyday life. Pizza is one of those fundraising products. The reason pizza works so well as a fundraiser is that most of the population in the United States loves pizza, with many families eating it once per week. This is because it is one of the most affordable dining options for families which is important in a struggling economy. Pizza also appeals to all members of a family.

There are several types of Pizza Fundraisers. Some offer frozen pizza, while others offer discounts and coupons on fresh pizza from local restaurants. Pizza fundraisers are rather simple to run. If it is a frozen pizza fundraiser, the group pre-sells the pizzas using advance order forms. Then on a scheduled day the pizzas are delivered and distributed to the buyers. The group makes money on each frozen pizza sold. The advantages to this type of fundraiser is that it requires no upfront investment. The disadvantage is that you have to coordinate the delivery and distribution and it is frozen pizza which needs to be cooked at home.

Another pizza fundraiser offers discounts from a local pizza restaurants. The big advantage to this type of fundraiser is that it offers discounts on fresh hot pizza supplied from a local restaurant. The way

 this fundraiser works is the group must partner with a local or national pizza restaurant. The two parties must then create fundraising value by offering a series of discounts and coupons to potential donors. The group then buys or manufactures discount cards and resells these cards to their community for a profit. The cost of cards depends on the quantity purchased and these cards can sell for $10 -$20.00/ea depending on the perceived value of the card. The profit margins on this type of pizza fundraiser can be as high as 90%. Local pizza restaurants are typically eager to participate in this fundraiser as it will generate increased sales for their restaurants.

Now there is a third type of pizza fundraiser called the pizza pin raiser. This uses a pizza coupon card with detachable coupons and also includes a lapel pin with every card. The pin is designed especially for the group trying to raise money. It can be a team mascot, school crest or logo. The pin allows the group to instantly thank it’s donors with a collector-quality pin at the time the donation is made. Another advantage of this type of pizza fundraising program is that the coupons used are detachable. This is important for sponsoring pizza restaurants because the participating restaurants can better manage the cost of sponsorship, as they only need to honor each coupon once.

A properly run pizza fundraiser can earn high profits for the participating groups. The profit margins on frozen pizza, pizza cards & pizza pin raisers is high. A properly run campaign can earn a team over $7,500.00. As for the pizza companies, they welcome this type of fund raiser. They appreciate the free promotion , increased sales and the goodwill that it offers in their local community.

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