Regular Coffee Drinking Lowers the Risk of Stroke in Non-Smoker Women

If you are concerned about your health in general, you may want to pour yourself a cup of Joe as you read this information. Recent studies have shown that drinking a minimum of 2 cups of coffee on a daily basis lowers the risk of stroke in women who are non-smokers. The women within this study were generally healthy, and they were long-term coffee drinkers. The study proved that regular and habitual coffee drinking lowered the risk of stroke as was observed over 24 years within the research.

Regular coffee drinking provides a benefit in reducing stroke risk for women who are non-smokers, which was compared with women who drank less than a single cup of coffee on a monthly basis. The benefit showed that women who drank four or more cups of Java on a daily basis had a 20% reduced risk of stroke. Women who drank 2 to 3 cups daily saw a 19% reduced risk, and women who drank coffee 5 to 7 times weekly had a 12% reduced risk.

Coffee has been recently proven to protect against the development of diabetes, and it does not cause a greater risk of a heart attack. Within this recent study done by the Harvard Medical School in Boston coupled with researchers from Spain, they analyzed how regular coffee drinking could cause a risk of stroke over a 24 year period. The participants of the study were over 80,000 women who commenced observation in 1980, and they had no history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer,

 or stroke.

There were several factors taken into consideration that cause a greater risk for stroke, including body mass index, smoking status, age, exercise level, amount of alcohol consumed, menopausal status, and daily diet. Within the findings of this study, coffee was not associated in any way with raising or lowering the risk of stroke in women who had diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many researchers observed that women who drank large amounts of coffee also had a tendency to smoke. For women who had quit smoking or never smoked, drinking four or more cups of coffee on a daily basis reduce the risk of stroke by 43%. Within women who were regular smokers, drinking four or more cups of coffee daily only offered a 3% reduction in their risk of stroke. The bottom line is that drinking coffee regularly cannot negate the negative effects that smoking has on your health as a woman.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the same benefits cannot be found from other caffeinated beverages, like soft drinks and tea. The same stroke reduction benefits were also not seen with decaffeinated coffee. The bottom line is that regular caffeinated coffee is something that can be enjoyed in moderation to provide even greater health benefits in reducing stroke in healthy women who are non-smokers. Coffee offers these benefits due to a high antioxidant content that will lower inflammation in the body and improve the function of the blood vessels.